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    ELSKY Show new products at Computex Taipei 2019 研盛芯控產品亮相臺北國際電腦展

    作者:來源:訪問:時間:2019/6/11 18:08:55


       Taipei COMPUTEX opened at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall from 28th May to 1st June. This exhibition brought together international famous brands such as Intel and MICROSOFT. Exhibitors and professional visitors from more than 100 countries and regions around the world participated in the exhibition. As a well-known research and development manufacturer of industrial motherboards and mini pc, ELSKY was invited to participate in this international event.


        The exhibition was led by Mr. Charlie Zhong, the General Manager of ELSKY to take part in with their international market team. They provided enthusiastic and proactive professional services to the visiting customers, and comprehensively introduced the advantages and applications of ELSKY products. During the exhibition, ELSKY booth: N0631 people surged, and industry guests from all over the world came to visit and negotiate. Our full range of industrial motherboards, OPS PC, Industrial PC, and MINI PC have been especially favored by industry colleagues. And the National Standardization Management Committee, Intel & TCL Group and other famous enterprises had come to our booth  for guidance.


       Since 2009, ELSKY has attached great importance to independent research and development of products and international standard certification. The whole series of products have passed CE and CCC certification, passed the intellectual property certification, and passed the Alibaba Gold Plus Supplier Certificate Verified by TUV SUD Company.  Because more than 10 years accumulation of R&D new product, ELSKY products are very popular at the Exhibition.


       At the same time, ELSKY and Intel Corporation unveiled Xiamen International Artificial Intelligence Ai Exhibition, exhibition hall: C2T21. From the exhibitions, ELSKY are full of harvest, and we will strive to provide reliable products and professional technical services to customers around the world.



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